View Full Version : Sonic 1 GG Prototype Rom Question

10-19-2004, 01:12 PM
I´ve got the Sonic 1 GG Prototype ROM. But only the first Level is playable (after finishing Act 1 you return to Act 1 again). I´ve tried Action Replay Codes to start on another level, it didnt work. So i made a savestate with the normal Sonic 1 GG Rom, and renamed the Savestate, to load it with the Prototype Rom (Bridge Level, Act 1). After loading the music of the bridge stage plays for a few seconds (it made me think, that the other levels are already in the game, but only not acessible the normal way), the graphic is scrambled, then the game resets to the title screen. Is it anyway possible to get to another stage in the prototype rom ?

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