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Dark Knight Kain
09-23-2004, 04:39 PM
*Copies from TEK*

I decided to give you all a treat, anyone hacking a Final Fantasy game will probably appreciate this, it's my FF Icons pack! Please note all my custom icons have been removed, however custom icons used in translations are still there. The .zip contains a dummy NES ROM you can open in YY-CHR (Probably in TLP too, but I don't even have TLP anymore) and rip icons from. All the NES and SNES icons are there, as well as toned-down WSC FF1 and FF2 icons (Please give me credit if you use the WSC icons, they took a good deal of time to make look good, sadly some still don't...) are there seperated by empty space. Here's a quick guide to which icons are from where (Note: a and b are used to show icons directly under the official ones. These are icons that didn't appear in the game's original format, but were added by the translators)

1. Final Fantasy US (The Japanese version didn't have any icons)

2. Final Fantasy II (Original Japanese icons)
a. Official prototype (Actually FF3 rips...)
b. Unnofficial translation (Mostly enhanced FF1 icons)

3. Final Fantasy III (Original Japanese icons)
a. Translation (Mostly ripped from FF4/5)

4. Final Fantasy IV (Original Japanese icons)
a. Final Fantasy II (Extra icons)
b. Translation (Yet more extra icons)

5. Final Fantasy V (Original Japanese icons)
a. Translation changes (These replace certain icons)

6. Final Fantasy VI (Original Japanese, with reversed magic icons from the US release)

7. Final Fantasy WSC Toned-down icons

8. Final Fantasy II WSC Toned-down icons (With a mirrored book)

9. Menu borders (NES FF-style, FF1 US style, FF4/5 style, FF4/5 small style, FF4 battle)

10. Trash Cans & Gauges (FF2, FF3, FF4 trash cans) (FF5, FF6 gauges)

After this all are repeated with the window and border colors reversed (For FF4 and 5)

I hope you all get some use out of this, it's nice having so many icons in one place <img src=http://www.tekhacks.net/bored/images/smilies/wink.gif>

http://www.tekhacks.net/staff/db/fficons.zipDownload Here</a>

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The 9th Sage
09-29-2004, 03:34 AM
Thanks, I'll find these useful.

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