View Full Version : MAME Plus! 0.128u5

12-14-2008, 05:39 PM
The fifth intermediate update for ver0.128 of this MAME emulator for Windows is available. These are the changes:

[QtGUI] greatly improved GUI responsiveness [Emuman]
[QtGUI] added ips dialog [Emuman]
[QtGUI] fixed parsing hex song # of M1 list [Emuman]
updated Japanese history.dat & story.dat [399@2ch]
updated Simplified Chinese list (0128u5_1210) [kof2112]
[MESS] sync with svn r3800 [Sword]
catlist v0.128u5 [s_bastian]
[MAME] sync with 0.128u5 [Sword]
fixed a bug that clrmamepro cannot export complete dat [Emuman]
Artwork list v20081201 [Mr. Do's Arcade]
updated Japanese list (jplist0128u4_1201) [mamelist jp]
updated Korean text & list (20081130) [zzoro]
updated Makelang, multi-language need your translation [download makelang, submit your text]

Download it at the author's webpage (http://mameicons.free.fr/mame32p/). Source code will also be available here (http://www.zophar.net/mame/mame-plus-.html) later.