View Full Version : MiSFiTMAME 0.127.E

12-08-2008, 01:23 AM
A new version of this MAME derivative, which contains games that are not included in the regular release of MAME, has been released. These are the changes:

Source changes

Added patches as suggested by Don Hodges, to fix "kill screens" in pacman,
mspacman, galaga and donkey kong. These are not new roms; the patches are applied at run-time.
Williams Multigame (wmg) re-added, and working. Read faq.txt before running it.
shockt2w - Fixed crash, broken since 0.127
jumpbugx - Fixed multi-session bug, MT 2689 [Atari Ace]

Games Added

dkongp - Donkey Kong with a patch to fix level 22, by Don Hodges
galagap - Galaga with a patch to fix level 256, by Don Hodges
mspacmap - MsPacman with patches to fix levels 134-256, by Don Hodges
pacmanp - Pacman with a patch to fix level 256, by Don Hodges
monstrz - monster Zero, by Nihon Game Co. (no sound)
starw1 - Star Wars (with Colour Proms added), clone/bootleg of starw/galxwars
supmspac - Super Ms Pac-Man, bootleg, by Spedic Vending
wmg - Williams Multigame (6-game version), by Clayton Cowgill

Games Removed

CPS-2 Phoenix sets (and parents), they are in MAME as of 0.128u4
Dynwar, Galaxian, sf2 (accidently left in from development phase)

Download it at the author's website (http://misfitmame.mameworld.net/). You can also download it here (http://www.zophar.net/mame/misfitmame.html)