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  1. Enter verification code: for hacks
  2. video game music files packed within ZIP file?
  3. Front page not firefox friendly?
  4. mupen 64 v1.99.4
  5. Zophar ROMs: You had a good run
  6. Can someone add gamecube music?
  7. Site Forum Divison
  8. haha you got me
  9. What happened to the GBS, NFS & SPC files?
  10. iPhone app question
  11. UPDATE: PCSX2 v.0.9.8 Released on 01 May 2011
  12. NSF2Midi - IceSage Edition
  13. Droid Emulators?
  14. Title banner problem
  15. Regarding the Locked FFTA ROM Hacking Thread
  16. Pending hack
  17. Structural web design flaw on homepage
  18. Pending Savestate
  19. New section ?
  20. SaGa translations
  21. genesis music
  22. submit games
  23. Can we have a section for WinRT?
  24. Indonesian Language
  25. Forum Signature Settings
  26. It's time for a redesign.
  27. Music Posting: How does it work?
  28. Sega Channel Demo Cartridge #4 Music
  29. Removing my hack
  30. Adding Photos to a Hack
  31. Duplicate Files in NSF Music Page
  32. Hash sign is not encoded properly by script
  33. Fix for Nobunaga's Ambition [Nobunaga no Yabou Game Boy Ban] GBS
  34. Can't submit music file
  35. Are there Trojans in links here?
  36. How to play a hacked game for PC
  37. Remove/change Patched ROM file in a submitted hack
  38. Game boy music wrong (mickey Mouse)
  39. Suggestion: Buy a defibrillator *nt*
  40. RAINE Emulator
  41. How to be A member?
  42. Downloading all the music
  43. ninjacloak is down?
  44. Server change
  45. Sections of the site missing?
  46. Switching to HTTPS
  47. Dead Links
  48. Consider retro design?
  49. im new here
  50. FTP Access?
  51. Big Bang Pro-Wrestling save state missing?
  52. Discord chat and Tapatalk for the forums?
  53. Discord bot for forum RSS feeds?
  54. the forum layout graphic is unoptomized and ugly, let's fix that.
  55. Music section gone?
  56. Can I Post YouTube Videos Here?
  57. a doubt
  58. Rom hack submission editing
  59. Paid request [usflib and miniusf in Unity]
  60. Broken download link
  61. Avatar Not Showing
  62. Is there a raw listing of the stuff stored on this site?
  63. Why there is no Pokemon Gold Expert Patch file anymore?
  64. timeout
  65. URL and Downlad Data Questions
  66. Inacccessible Accepted Hack
  67. File removal request
  68. Seriously, what's with the Amiga spam bullshit?