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  1. GB Wave converter problem
  2. Question and comment about emulators
  3. SSF-Emulator looks strange on startup
  4. FrontEnd for NES/SNES/N64/Sega/Neogeo
  5. Question about AGBE
  6. PSXeven trouble
  7. Project64 controller question
  8. Q about burning psx
  9. Question about MAME emu's....
  10. help with x-com
  11. front end advice for MAME
  12. Plugin Architecture for N64 emulators
  13. Gay human with a lot of melanin in his skin sex
  14. Power Monger Menu Screen
  15. I would like music from Legaia 2.
  16. Increase game speed
  17. help me!!!!
  18. is there any usf to midi converters out there?
  19. emulators for other systems on the DS
  20. psu time out
  21. SMS/GG/Colecovision music rip format
  22. Emulation Evolved Video Teaser (Gens+ REWiND! release soon)
  23. Snes games not saving
  24. Behold, the greatest graphics filter known to man!
  25. Wii Emulation/Zelda debug rom
  26. Spectating GBA Games Online
  27. best Atari emulator for midi
  28. any vgm to midi out there?
  29. How to use Cheats?
  30. Puta que vos pariu este site é uma merda
  31. GBA Roms on Acekard2i - DSi
  32. Arcade Game Emulation?
  33. mame frontends for YDL
  34. Quick question about running muti-disc games
  35. DOSBox
  36. Where do I put Net Geo Bios file?
  37. Treasure Hunter G Metahawk Translation on SWC DX
  38. How to install emulators on Yellow Dog Linux 6.1
  40. Mario Party 3 graphical glitches
  41. Best emulator
  42. 64th Note plugin causes Winamp to freeze during shutdown
  43. I'm hoping I'll have better luck here...
  44. would like a custom NSF decoder, willing to pay
  45. Playing PSX isos.
  46. GB ROM Music Emulation
  47. SEGA CD Emulators for Mac?
  48. How do I add games to the emulator?
  49. old system emulation carts
  50. Chrono Trigger DS (J) in Japanese
  51. iplayer issues
  52. How to pass GB to GBS, extract sound from GB ?
  53. good utilities codes?
  54. NESticle Version 0.2 for DOS
  55. My emulator is freezing what do I do?
  56. playing famicon disk system games
  57. NO$GBA 2.6a and the fucking Stylus
  58. Looking for a specific MAME rom organizing program...
  59. Another Day, Another Problem....
  60. Bigger screens with no$gba (ds games)
  61. NDSi and Emulators
  62. Sharp x68000 Help! Please
  63. SNES and NES emulator for the Nintedo DS Lite
  64. console emulation references
  65. Patching Rom Probs...
  66. ZELDA Majora's Mask Debug Rom
  67. Einhander keeps freezing at the same point.
  68. Zelda Mods
  69. X-Box controller emulator
  70. DOSBox 0.74 released
  71. Regression FM SoundFont
  72. ZSNES Filter Crash
  73. Final Fantasy Tactics The War Of The Lions
  74. VirtuaNES controller issue
  75. problem with pc-engine
  76. Best NSF player for Winamp
  77. Emulation and Linux
  78. SNES Technical Documentation
  79. has anyone had this PS emu error message and solved it
  80. A .7z and.. .ape files 0.o
  81. Dragon Quest 3
  82. Can't load saved states in TGB-Dual
  83. Reggie! Help
  84. Wipeout 2097 Soundproblem
  85. How do I Play Mini USF files in Foobar2000 with GEP?
  86. SNES online
  87. Long seeking time on 2SF files
  88. TGB Dual Query
  89. Problem with two controllers in FCEU
  90. Mario Party 1 USF set doesn't play ? :[
  91. Dreamcast and .Bin/.raw files
  92. Running two emulators at once?
  93. Graphics Errors
  94. VBA-M 945 Issue
  95. NES Emulator Woes
  96. ZX Spectrum - quick question
  97. Ripping WAVs from NSF - low/high pass suggestions?
  98. Best Windows NES Emu
  99. Using 2 gamepads
  100. School laptop emulation
  101. need expert help
  102. Phantasy Star 1 Savestates
  103. Genesis Emulation question
  104. Nintendo DS Emulator for PPC
  105. Help Trading with Pokemon Platinum ROM
  106. Trouble with water/Project 64
  107. Not sure if it goes here, but I need help.
  108. Batch Removal of SNES ROM Headers?
  109. .GBA file question
  110. Nemu64 Crash
  111. GBS new format?
  112. story of thor 2 (eur) and Thor-Seireiohkiden(jap)
  113. [PC] AMIGA Hamachi Server / Hiring players!-Amiga NetPlay
  114. NSF file questions
  115. Question about .strm file format
  116. pcsx2 0.9.7 (r3113) saving config issue
  117. Visual Boy Advance Speed Problems
  118. SPC to midi?
  119. SPC2Midi and SPC-looping
  120. Katamari Damacy and/or We Love Katamari psf2 rip, anyone?
  121. [Genesis] Question about Fusion 3.64
  122. Help - NEmu64
  123. SNES snapshot
  124. New To this site
  125. best 64 emulator?
  126. Foo_m1 vanished?
  127. original xbox emulation
  128. Music format in "Fantasy Petz" ? =)
  129. Emu vet, but noob to n64 emus
  130. PC Engine emulation
  131. Help - input controls
  132. PSF2 files for Ar tonelico and Ar tonelico 2
  133. ROM Help!
  134. Do all SNES/NES USB gamepads suck?
  135. some questions about rips
  136. saving the game from an snes cartridge?
  137. Adaptoid for Sale
  138. How do you play miniDSF files?
  139. Strange Gens issue
  140. .gbs (gameboy music) to .wav
  141. PSX Iso Help
  142. Earthbound (NES prototype)
  143. How do I properly convert miniUSF files?
  144. Emulator - with no command line
  145. GoodGUI 2.0 - A Frontend for the GoodTools
  146. GBA saves
  147. 9 to Fast Forward
  148. PSF Requests
  149. SSF sega saturn emulator wont start properly
  150. Strange quirk with Snes9xGX on Wii
  151. My GBS rips
  152. Sound Ripping Help?
  153. I Would Like To Create An N64 Emulator (Need Crew)
  154. Can someone tell me how to use morph ball in super metroid on snes emulator?
  155. Emulator Problem: SSF Closes itself all the time
  156. Gens+ graphics problem
  157. Sega Cd
  158. Komodo usb converter issue
  159. copy of Genecyst anyone?
  160. What's the problem to the FCEUX emulator?
  161. I need a Sound Ripper for Master System
  162. Kiki Kaikai Dotou Hen
  163. Problems running emulators
  164. please help me!
  165. Custom NSFs?
  166. can't load game after closing gens
  167. NULLDC: Run Record of Lodoss War?
  168. PSX ISO compression.
  169. Tutorial: Sony Playstation 2 Emulator
  170. Where have the psx roms moved to?
  171. editing .clt files/Any Already made .clt for Fire Emblem?
  172. Tutorial: Sony Playstation 1 (PSX) Emulator
  173. Please help
  174. Nezulator: A NES Emulator in Javascript, HTML5 and using Google Search
  175. fake nes emulator zelda
  176. Golden sun minigsf won't play?
  178. Which Games / Systems Featured Voltron?
  179. Hide character models psx?
  180. emulators for on linux for XBMC?
  181. Keyboard type question
  182. Emulation Project: Emulator Developer Needed! (C#)
  183. NO GBA issues with DS games.
  184. how to extract the n64 game cartridge to pc, edit the game save, then put it back in
  185. Problem: Game Speeds Up on Start
  186. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix music rip please
  187. Foobar2000
  188. Control Problem with "King arthur's World"
  189. Using the "nflate" utility...
  190. Glide64_NapalmWX_R1.1 not working on PJ64.
  191. PS2 Emulation
  192. Original N64 Adaptoid Wishtech for sale!!!!
  193. How do I use CLT Cheats?
  194. Issue running patched BoF II File on SNES9x
  195. big hello
  196. Convertung Rule of Rose STR audio to WAV or something else
  197. Flying Warriors - NES - Controller glitch?
  198. FDS emulation on Nintendo DS
  199. Pokémon R/B/Y/G/S/C glitch music
  200. Concerning .gsf and all other game file formats
  201. Game (ROM) Scrapers?
  202. NFlate101 Rom Expander
  203. Light Gun SNES9X
  204. Looking for an old nes emulator
  205. Nestopia help
  206. hacks for phone
  207. PS1 Model Ripping, Twisted Metal 2
  208. Final Fantasy XII cut scenes
  209. Best joystick Mame front end with HQ3X (Image Enhancement)
  210. VGM winamp plugin is playing a sound lower then the others
  211. 1990-2004 emulator game tournament
  212. Policenauts and PCSXR
  213. sf2 to wav converter?
  214. MESS emu
  215. Need cheat to level up characters in FFVI (snes9x) please.
  217. 16 bit software on a 64 bit machine
  218. translate nobunaga's ambition??
  219. Are girls afraid to kiss you
  220. Wildwood Hotels in New Jersey
  221. Does anyone have a PicoDrive sav for Shining F2 config?
  222. I know there is no easy way to do it but is it possible to run a PD SRM inGenecyst
  223. best emulators
  224. A good way to cheat in Dragon Quest III on PSP s9xTYLmecm
  225. .miniusf Mac converter
  226. How to Play Wolfenstein 3-D or any DOS / Win 3.1 game on Windows 7
  227. curious about transcribin .ay files into sheet music
  228. New site for VGM rips... (of the arcade variety)
  229. Kaettekita Mario Bros. (FDS)
  230. unecm a .bin.ecm?
  231. Unconditional jumps and PC increment
  232. NEC PC-98 Emulators Printing Help
  233. Rings of Power Gensoid trouble
  234. Ghost Warrior Spriggan music?
  235. mac osx emulation translation patch help..PLEase
  236. Recording Video of Emulator Gameplay
  237. SS 1 Arcade mode Lvl change?
  238. Javascript o Flash SEGA Genesis Emulator to run an hombrew ROM on a website
  239. Gyakuten Saiban 3 GSF Files
  240. PCETOY not functioning right?
  241. Phantasy Star KSS music
  242. Gens help?
  243. best xbox emulator ??? :/
  245. How to enable the "Use System Memory" option in StretchMAME?
  246. Gameboy emulator that allows you to mute channels?
  247. Emulaterdescussion
  248. PSX emulator help
  249. Best frontent for MAME?
  250. NSF unwanted Echo