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Name Description
Romancing Saga1 RE' Notes Though the author claims this is small, I find it to be a very detailed PDF about Romancing Saga.
SMB3 All-Stars 7E1D RAM bank A short (and naive) analysis of the 7E1D RAM bank on SMB3 All-Stars. One of a series - others to follow shortly.
SMB3 All-Stars Map Tiles Index A list of the various tile values for editing SMB3 World Maps (land, water, ice, stages, bonus houses, bridges, BG decorations, et cetera)
SNES Cart Hacking Info This is an extremely detailed techincal document of SNES cartridge pinouts.
SNES CPU This is an extremely detailed techincal document of the SNES 65c816 processor. It is a customized 16 bit processor made for the SNES. It operates in both 16- (Native) and 8-bit (Emulation) modes. The 8-bit emulation mode is 100% compatible with th 6502 processor in the NES system. This document, made by Randall Hyde, is one of the most detailed I've ever seen.
SNES Documentation This is a quite thorough documenation of most aspects of the SNES. Released back in 1994, it is probably the first, if not quite the only, document you will need to learn the architecture of the SNES. In addition to providing information, the document also includes a basic demo with source code which demonstrates how to interact with the SPC700, among other things.
SNES Emulator SE Sound Code This is a full reverse engineering of the sound code in Nintendo's "Super Nintendo SE" development unit.
SNES FastROM Information This document provides information on the SNES's FastROM mode, which allows a speed increase of around 33%.
SNES Graphics This document tells all about the SNES graphics array. It is what sets the SNES apart from all the 16 bit systems. It consists of four overlapping backgrounds that can scroll by themselves in any direction. It runs on 256 colors (Or 15 bit colors for Mode-7 color add/subtract prodecures) and a resolution of around 256x256. This is just a summary, click on the links to the left to view the actual documents.
SNES Memory Borrowing from the SEC, the only SNES memory document I found, that is dcecent enough to be posted. It's not 100% accurate, but it gives you an idea of what's where in the memory, and information on the various file types (smc sfc fig etc).
SNES Multiplication/Division Registers This is an in-depth documenation on the SNES's special multiplication/division registers.
SNES Sounds The SNES sound system was custom made by Sony specifically for the SNES. It's labeled as an SPC-700. It is superior to most sound chips of its time (1991), for it has it's own memory and instruction set, which takes the load off the main CPU. If you're interested in writing a SPC player, this is for you.
SNES-PCB Clean Clean SNES PCB (SNSP-CPU-02) SNSP-001A Top view everything's removed
SNESMem This is the second SNES memory map documentation we have. It is much more explanatory than the first one.

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