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2 days ago
posted by  dlevere

It also uses a modified Version of Dolphin (included in the Downloads).


5 days ago
posted by  dlevere

RetroArch coming to Steam this month!

So RetroArch is finally coming to Steam two weeks from now!

RetroArch is the official reference frontend of the popular Libretro API. While there is nothing particularly about RetroArch or the Libretro API that has anything to do with emulators, most do it use it for this purpose.

We want to grow our base and as of this month we have been putting a heavy focus into making sure that RetroArch can run originally bought content on game discs. There are further announcements to follow in the coming weeks, and we are open to dialogue with game developers/publishers that have the rights to original IP who want to bring their games over to Steam through the use of RetroArch*.

Do note that RetroArch is an agnostic frontend/backend application that can be used to run modular programs. As such, it can run real games, media engines, and emulators, as long as these programs are converted/ported into modular pieces of software known as 'Libretro cores'.

So, without further ado, here's the details on our initial release:

Windows version first, Linux and macOS versions will release later. We're a bit wary of the support burden that will come with a much wider audience, so we want to do the Windows version first to make sure we can handle the demand.
At the beginning, there will not be any difference between the version you can get on Steam and the one available on our own website. As such, no Steamworks SDK functionality will be present at launch or any additional Steam features. However, after the initial launch, we will begin exploring options on how we can start leveraging Steam's functionality as a platform.
Release date will be approximately 30th of July.

RetroArch as a program serves as the fundamental backbone of many retro gaming machines out there in the wild. Even when it is not deliberately namechecked, chances are it's running in the backend of said retro program. Same goes for its sister project Libretro. For instance, several programs available on Steam already, such as Grid Cartographer, and New Retro Arcade, integrate Libretro support to allow you to run the software that has been ported to the Libretro API. As for Libretro, this API is being leveraged by several retro gaming companies right now to serve as the backbone of their retro emulation services. Given all this interest and burgeoning activity, we feel now is the time to finally bring the official Libretro frontend to Steam. RetroArch is truly in a class of its own on a technical level when it comes to latency, shader features, and now soon-to-be disc loading and disc dumping. We can't wait to bring you complete control over your retro gaming library coming this summer on Steam!


ArsTechnica article

11 days ago
posted by  dlevere

Mupen64+ Reverser Edition (RE) is a fork of the Mupen64+ Nintendo 64 emulator tailored for reverse engineering.

The main aim is to generate information that will be useful for the disassembling and decompilation of your chosen game.

It does this by tracing and logging information about ASM instructions, functions, memory addresses, DMA's, etc. as the user plays the game.

The main output after the user has finished playing is a couple of files: an N64split config file and a tracing JSON file.

15 days ago
posted by  dlevere

Mikage is a Nintendo 3DS emulator specifically designed for Android developed by neobrain, work on which started in 2016 but was only announced hours ago.

For those doubting the legitimacy of its author, he provided ample proof that he’s the real deal in his announcement as he’s not only one of Citra’s (3DS emulator) original authors but has also done various contributions to PPSSPP (PSP emulator) and Dolphin (Game Cube/Wii emulator).


20 days ago
posted by  dlevere

To grab DosBox 0.74-3, check out this link and select the download for the platform of your choice.


21 days ago
posted by  martini

MESSUI 0.211 had been released:

"MESSUI is an integrated front-end of MESS, which itself emulates hundreds of computers and consoles. MESSUI is similar in appearance to MAMEUI. It is available for the Windows platform."

21 days ago
posted by  martini

MameUI64 version 0.211 for Windows is available for download:

- Project URL

"MAMEUI, formerly MAME32, is the GUI version of MAME. Originally authored in 1997 by Chris Kirmse, it was the first port of MAME™ to the Windows platform. MAMEUI is currently in maintenance mode with no active development taking place. The 64-bit version is still compiled and released when there is no breakage with the core."

21 days ago
posted by  martini

MAME version 0.211 had been released:
- Download
- WebSite

MAME is available for the Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms.

"MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with images of the original arcade game's ROM and disk data, MAME attempts to reproduce that game as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer. MAME can currently emulate several thousand different classic arcade video games from the late 1970s through the modern era.

MAME is free and open source under the GPL-2.0+ license "

24 days ago
posted by  dlevere

Retro Achievements for RetroArch and how easy it is to make them.

26 days ago
posted by  martini

Hello, All!

Since Google has banned two of my emulators, iNES and VGB, from their
Google Play, I am now releasing them for free. You can download the
latest APKs from my website:

Download them, use them, spread them, make sure as many people as
possible get them. Every copy you install loses Google $1.50 in missed
revenue, but I guess they couldn't care less. See below for the list of
changes in these free iNES and VGB releases.

iNES 5.7 -- Nintendo NES, Famicom, DiskSystem, VS-System Emulator
* iNES-Android is now free, distributed outside Google Play.
* Refactored NES mapper #4 (MMC3) implementation, fixed multiple bugs.
* Gunnac title now shows without garbage.
* Fixed sprite rendering at the left edge of NES screen.
* Fixed tilt joystick operation.
* Fixed screen rotation after disabling the tilt joystick.
* Now showing action bar when the BACK button is pressed once.
* Fixed State Exchange and box art downloads on newer Androids.
* In-game saves now go to /sdcard/iNES if current folder write-protected.
* MIDI recordings now go to /sdcard/iNES if current folder write-protected.
* Switched to Android Pie SDK (Android-28).
* Oldest supported OS is now Android-9 (Gingerbread).
* Added new icons, including adaptive icons.

VGB 5.6.2 -- Nintendo GameBoy Color, GameBoy Classic, Super GameBoy Emulator
* VGB-Android is now free, distributed outside Google Play.
* Fixed tilt joystick operation.
* Fixed screen rotation after disabling the tilt joystick.
* Now showing action bar when the BACK button is pressed once.
* Fixed State Exchange and box art downloads on newer Androids.
* In-game saves now go to /sdcard/VGB if current folder write-protected.
* MIDI recordings now go to /sdcard/VGB if current folder write-protected.
* Switched to Android Pie SDK (Android-28).
* Oldest supported OS is now Android-9 (Gingerbread).
* Added new icons, including adaptive icons.

Also, the fMSX-Deluxe emulator is on $1.99 sale this week:

Best regards,
Marat Fayzullin

28 days ago
posted by  nglide

"nGlide is a 3Dfx Voodoo Glide wrapper. It allows you to play games designed for 3Dfx Glide API without the need for having 3Dfx Voodoo graphics card. All three API versions are supported, Glide 2.11 (glide.dll), Glide 2.60 (glide2x.dll) and Glide 3.10 (glide3x.dll). nGlide emulates Glide environment with Direct3D and Vulkan. Glide wrapper also supports high resolution modes. "

nGlide 2.10 changelog:

-fixed Andretti Racing broken font during race (vk backend)
-fixed Carnivores crash during initialization
-fixed Codename: Eagle regression
-fixed Driver crash during intro (dx backend)
-fixed F1 Racing Simulation freeze (vk backend)
-fixed FIFA 98: Road to world Cup black screen on Radeons (vk backend)
-fixed Formula 1 depth and chroma issue
-fixed Formula 1 '97 UI glitch
-fixed Kingpin: Life of Crime texturing glitch (vk backend)
-fixed MIG-29 Fulcrum simulation black screen (vk backend)
-fixed Nascard Legends esc menu crash (vk backend)
-fixed NCAA Football 99 freeze before simulation
-fixed Scorched Planet texturing bug with 3dfx splash logo
-fixed To Be Continued... crash (vk backend)
-fixed Unreal (build 200) crash and depth problem (dx backend)
-fixed Unreal Tournament depth problem
-fixed Uprising: Join or Die regression

-fixed Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction crash with OBS Studio (dx backend)
-fixed Divine Divinity regression
-fixed Le Mans 24 Hours loading bar (vk backend)
-fixed Project64 with Glide64 TEXUMA mode not activated

-added support for integer-ratio scaling and rendering
-chroma keying technique has been rewritten from scratch (dx backend)
-improved performance (vk backend)
-improved windowed mode (vk backend)
-mipmapping is now implemented and active in both video backends
-fixed scissor test rectangle (vk backend)
-fixed black bars not cleared properly after returning from windowed mode (dx backend)
-fixed mouse cursor not clipped correctly with multi-monitor configurations
-new option in nGlide configurator: 'Aspect ratio: Integer rendering'
-new option in nGlide configurator: 'Aspect ratio: Integer scaling'
-option 'Aspect ratio: Fit to Screen' renamed to 'Entire screen'
-option 'Aspect ratio: Preserve original' renamed to 'Aspect correction'



33 days ago
posted by  dlevere

It's compatible with Nintendo 64 cartridges, controllers, targeting 720p HD output and will include a wired controller. Hyperkin's Admiral - a wireless controller, will also be compatible with the system.


35 days ago
posted by  martini

Kronos v1.7.0 has been released:
- Download
- Github

Kronos is a unofficial port of Yabause SEGA Saturn Emulator( )

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