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SNES Translation in English

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After eight years (to the exact day!) of intense labors by many - some tragic and others triumphant - Matt's Messy Room and D-D are jointly announcing the penultimate closure of another success story. We are releasing Slayers English on its 8th anniversary - the final day of winter. Except for a few small details planned for our first update, Slayers is finished and 100% compatible with real hardware. Because older emulators do not appear to fully support this game, including the Japanese ROM, we are recommending BSNES as the emulator of choice.

Author: Matt's Messy Room / Dynamic Designs

Author's website: http://projects.mattsmessyroom.com/ and http://www.dynamic-designs.us/

Completion: 100%

Genre: RPG

Name Description Filesize
Patch file ROM Information: Name: Slayers Header: Interleaved: Checksum: 0x201E CRC32: 0B610445 MD5: 1B7B9B3EABE1008BAD9DC19DCAD9142F The ROM’s byte size should read 1.5 MB (1.572,864 bytes), exactly. 202.21 KB

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TZoli says:
I've got problems trying to run the the ROM patched by this translation. every Emulator shows a black screen and nothing more when I tried to run it, but the the original unpatched one runes fine!
Care somebody help me?

kbn230 says:
I got it working just fine.

Red_Soul says:
Tzoli, are you quite sure your ROM matches the one in the readme? also please make sure you aren't forgetting to handle headers are required.

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