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Breath of Fire II

SNES Translation in English

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Ever notice how the localization of Breath of Fire II is terrible? Well now you can apply this translation. It's a complete retranslation/localization of the game, with a few enhancements such as a Run button and a entirely new intro with a theme song that has lyrics and everything. d4s and Ryusuiu did a good job on this, it's worth a play if you like Breath of Fire II and want to experience it without that wacky text the original English version has.

Author: d4s, Ryusuiu

Author's website: http://theryusui.googlepages.com/

Completion: 100%

Genre: RPG


Name Description Filesize
Patch file v1.2b 1.40 MB

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kratoscar2008 says:
Thanks i will play this game for the first time.

Mauro says:
Seems not to work in PSP snes9xtyl

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