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a Sinclair - ZX / Spectrum / QL Series Emulator on the Windows platform

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This is a freeware Sinclair QL emulator that emulates all the original I/O of the original QL, and it can access files directly on from your HD. There are no plans on emulating stuff like the disk drives, hard drives, video cards, etc, but it's still a good emulator, try it.

These ROMs are needed to run the emulator.

This is a patched version of the JS ROM to allow 4 Megabytes of emulated RAM.

Author's website: http://web.inter.nl.net/hcc/A.Jaw.Venema/

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
JM/JS ROMS 01/30/99 66.98 KB Download
JS 4Meg ROM 01/30/99 34.55 KB Download
v0.90 01/30/99 187.75 KB Download
v0.90 01/30/99 196.73 KB Download

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