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WinX68k High-Speed v0.94

posted in Emulator Release by mfc on Feb 25th, 2004

Another Japanese X68000 emulator, WinX68k High-Speed, was also updated. Here are the changes:
  • CRTC effective bit of entry data to register correction (public standardization)
  • Graphic picture 16 color 1 surface correcting the trouble where translucency processing of text pallet 0 is not done with mode
  • Built-in both external SCSI way the SCSI CD-ROM support by the SCSI IOCS call hook when OFF is made effective, correction
  • At the time of part rewriting of the picture, correcting the fact that it has the case where from filter equipped enlargement processing the rubbish remains in the picture
  • When disk image is appointed with command line "A: Correcting the trouble where type of file name "and" A= file name "is not recognized
  • BackBuffer System of setting is separated System (to Video) with System (to System)
  • BackBuffer adding Video to setting
You can also get this from our X68000 Emulators section.