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UltraStyle v1.7

posted in Frontend News by mfc on May 8th, 2004

UltraStyle, a frontend for MAME, has had a rather large update done recently. Here is what's new:
  • You no longer have to run your own -listinfo on your MAME executable, ultraconfig has a button that does all the work for you.
  • The MyRomInfo/Catlist options tab in ultraconfig is now called the Filter options tab.
  • I have moved some things around in ultraconfig, to make room for future options, the Command Line Parameters textbox is now on the Main options tab. The RomPath information is now located only on the Filter options tab.
  • ultraconfig reads the favorites information differently now, after re-running MyRomInfo, or installing a new version of ultrastyle, you should not have to re-do your favorites. If installing to a new version, copy your favorites.ini to the ultrastyle\cfg\ directory and you should be all set.
  • removed the "empty" marquee from Favorites or Sub-category startup.
  • With the addition of running the -verifysets switch on MAME, ultrastyle now weeds out the Non-working ROMs.
  • ultraconfig creates Non-working.txt and places it in your ultrastyle\cfg\ directory so that you have a readable list of your Non-working ROMs.
  • You can now enter multiple ROM directories into ultraconfig if you have ROMs in more then 1 place.
  • There is an option to hide all clones in ultrastyle, this will effect All Games and Sub-categories, but not your Favorites.
  • There is a new Marquee style to choose from. The original is now called rounded and the new one is called rounded outline.
  • Choose from trackball or spinner modes for the mouse up-down vs. left-right to move the wheel.
  • Attract mode games can now be configured through ultraconfig.
You can download this from our MAME Frontends section.