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Steem v3

posted in Emulator Release by narvick on Feb 27th, 2004

After a little wait, a new version of Steem (a.k.a. Steem Engine) is available today. This is an Atari ST emulator for Windows and Linux. The Linux version is called XSteem. Here's what's new:
    Emulation Bugs
  • Lots of timings improved
  • DMA chip emulation improved (Double Dragon 2, Plutos)
  • Fixed FDC read address (Klax, Badlands, Chase HQ)
  • Fixed blitter byte bug (Kuovadis)
  • Added real FDC CRCs
  • Fixed VBL interrupt bug (IDEN demo, B and W Dentro)
  • Added more hacks to fix IKBD reset problems (Hammerfist, Big Run)
  • Fixed ACIA write timing (A Grumbler in the Rutting Season)
  • Fixed blitting directly from cart (Fast BASIC)
  • Fixed pc high byte bug (Adebug)
  • Fixed disable drive B when changing hard drives bug
  • Capped hard drive free bytes to 64Mb (Signum/KCS Omega)
  • Fixed holding down opposite joystick directions at the same time (Robocop II)
  • Fixed RS-232 CTS bug (Cyber Assault)
  • Added some IKBD delays (RipDis Demo menu, Art of Code, Imperium)
  • Fixed stupid steemupdate bug (won't take effect until next release)

  • Other Bugs
  • Fixed fullscreen directory tree popup bug
  • Fixed deactivate fullscreen in 640x400 crash
  • DEBUG: Fixed break on IRQ -> Trap

  • New Features
  • XSTEEM: Fullscreen
  • XSTEEM: PC Joysticks
  • Integrated disk manager with MSA Converter v2 (not yet released)
  • Added support for pre-TOS ROM images
  • DEBUG: Proper cycle accurate tracing, including visual gun position display
  • DEBUG: FDC/DMA browser
  • DEBUG: IKBD browser
Download it at the Atari ST Emulators for Windows or Unix page