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Stake v1.1.1

posted in Utility Release by narvick on Feb 21st, 2004

Dan has informed us that he has released a bugfix version for Stake, an excellent open-source Castlevania editor. Here's what's new:
  • Fixed a minor bug in the title screen, castle intro editors
  • Added the ability to move objects by 1 pixel. Added to fix any problems with level 2's doors. Please note, some objects do not really support 1 pixel movement, so you really should be careful here. Hold Ctrl when dragging the object, to move them by 1 pixel.
  • Fixed a bug where the floating platform data and non-standard door data isn't saved, unless you change the level
  • Fixed a bug in the zip file routine that saved unnecessary path information
  • Fixed a datafile bug in level 3
  • Fixed the name of the cross item
Download it at the NES Level & Text Editors page