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PCEAdvance v5.9

posted in Emulator News by paladyn on Feb 27th, 2004

Flubba has released an update to his excellent PC-Engine / Turbo Grafx-16 emulator for GameBoy Advance. This version's changes include:
  • Added HScroll option in menu, use L & R
  • Added double buffering of background
  • Fixed some sprite updating (sprite option should be redundant)
  • Fixed SRAM initialization
  • Fixed more problems with folders under pogo
  • Fixed multibooting from PogoPCE and on XG cards
  • Changed the default values for Gamma and Scaling
  • Changed detection of max screen height:
  • "Chase HQ (U)" starts
  • "Air Zonk (U)" scrolling is ok
  • Speedhacks for a number of games
You can get this from our Emulators for GameBoy systems page.