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MAGFest 3

posted in Misc. News by swampgas on Feb 22nd, 2004

I just confirmed our booking for M3 this year. If you missed last year, you don't want to miss it again this year. Once again, I will be there the entire event along with the majority of the ZD staff. 24 hour game room, tournaments, movies, videogame music concert, auction....it's huge. This year we'll bring along something special, which I can't discuss.....all I can say is bring your PC or laptop with a network card :) Pre-regs are going on now at magfest.org and you'll continue to get a discount for the next couple months. The price only goes up from here, so get your registration in early. Last year when M2 was over, you said to yourself, "Self, I missed out. I won't miss next year!" Now is your chance to live up to the promise. Don't miss M3.