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EmuZWin v2.3 Release 1.5

posted in Emulator Release by narvick on Feb 28th, 2004

Vladimir Kladov has updated his ZX Spectrum 128/48 emulator for Windows today. There's quite a lot new this update. What's new:
  • The TAB key can be used as the FIRE button for joystick, together with numpad keyboard keys as earlier
  • LoadSNA plugin now sets ROM page to ROM48 bank when 48K state is loaded (no need to switch to 48K mode manually)
  • A capability added to Disassemble a range of memory as code or data block (DEFB, DEFW or DEFB with ASCII strings) and to store result as text (resulting text is inserted into the Assembler listing and then can be saved, copied, etc.). Also, the Assembler is improved a bit to allow compiling text from the disassemble directly without changes (e.g., the second argument in brackets treated as a commet always, so INC (IX+40H,2357H) can be compiled normally as INC (IX+40H) ). And, the Assembler works much faster now. Also, a service command added (drop-down toolbar button) to set PC in the emulator/debugger to one of ORGed addresses
  • Some bugs are fixed in the Assembler (instructions OUT (C),A; INC/DEC (IX/IY+offset); LD IX/IY, word were not understood/compiled correctly)
  • Time Stamper added. When it is turned on (File|Time Back|Time History Enabled, enabled by default), with one of key combinations from ALT+</Alt+>, Alt+LEFT/Alt+RIGHT, Alt+NUM4/Alt+NUM6 (the last two when numlock is on) or with correspondent toolbar buttons it is possible to shift time 2 seconds back/forward (a lot of time stampes to go back in time can be available, from several minutes to severals hours in deep, depending on a certain game). This feature requires up to 40Mbytes of free space on your hard disk for temporary files, if enabled
  • Now scren redrawn immediately in multicolor mode too, when a state loaded in "paused" emulator
  • Icons in menu now resized to smaller size to fit place available
  • Main toolbar now is configurable: it is possible to define which buttons to show. Additional buttons added to the toolbar: Reset, Disk Browser, Full Screen, Configuration (by default, these four hidden), and also Time 2 Seconds Back and Time 2 Seconds Forward
  • Display size is changed now with Alt+Num[+]/Alt+Num[-], rather than just Num[+]/Num[-] as earlier
Get it at the Spectrum Emulators page