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Boxer v0.61.4

posted in Frontend News by mfc on Feb 19th, 2004

Phil Underhill told us about his frontend for DOSBox that runs in Windows called Boxer. The GUI is very good, organized and lots of tooltips. This is not the first version, so here is what's new since v0.61.3:
  • Reset To Default
    • Does not clear the Auto Execute Textbox
    • Resets the mouse Sens slider but not the Mouse Sens Textbox
    • Resets the Hardware Scaling slider but not the H.Scaling Textbox
  • If I have focus on any textbox or combo box, and I use the Save As function, the program kind of resets all values. But not to the default values. If you look in the Configurations menu, whatever config you had checked is now UNCHECKED.
  • Save as, File Overwrite confirmation box has caption of Error.
  • This might not be considered a bug but if you try to delete the Default Config, it says "config cannot be deleted" and the messagebox caption is Error. It's not really an error, it's a message letting you know you cannot do it. Maybe a nicer way would be if Default is selected, it grays out the menu option of delete.
  • Kind of the same as above, if I create a new config with the same name as another, I get another warning message box but the caption is Error. Error caption really should only be when there is a program error, not a restiriction.
You can download this from our PC Emulator Frontends section!