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Bochs v2.1.1

posted in Emulator News by mooglyguy on Feb 20th, 2004

A new version of Bochs, the PC emulator for Windows and Linux, has been released. Here's a list of what's new:
  • fix bug in int15h function 0xe820 (Christian Neubert)
  • fix vmware3 disk support on big-endian platforms (Christophe Bothamy)
  • fix conditions for NM exception on FWAIT instruction (Christophe)
  • fix symbol conflict in rfb and x display libraries (Volker Ruppert)
  • allow 16 bit writes to ne2k page 0 (Volker)
  • notify display libraries on change of bpp (Volker)
  • fix bug in int13h function 0x10 (Volker)
  • fix floppy dialog error on win2k (Volker)
  • fix adress check in TSS IO permission bitmap (Christophe)
  • fix buffer overflow vulnerability pointed out by SeSoX (Christophe)
  • updates for MacOS compile (Daniel Gimpelevich)
You can find Bochs and other PC emulators in our PC Emulators for Windows section.