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AdvanceMAME v0.79.1

posted in Emulator Release by mfc on Feb 23rd, 2004

On top of that release, AdvanceMAME was also updated. This is a MAME variant which has the same extra video support as AdvanceMESS. Here is what's new:
  • Added a new revision of the `scale3x' effect. It now looks good as `scale2x'. Added also a new optimized C version of the `scale2x' effect for not x86 MMX architectures.
  • The `max' effect now works also in vertical and horizontal expansion.
  • Fixed some compilation problems on Mac OS X.
  • General improvement of the video blit speed. The program now evalutes at runtime the best approach to write video memory. Or direct or buffered writing.
  • Improved the speed of the `lq', `hq', `mean' and `filter' effects using a different method to compute mean pixels.
  • The `Video Pipeline' menu now display the time used to update the screen.
  • Fixed the display of help tags of players 2, 3, 4.
  • Fixed the use of palette 8 bit modes with the FrameBuffer Linux drivers.
  • Added a workaround to correct the color in the 15 bit RGB modes for the Radeon FrameBuffer Linux 2.4.23 driver.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the DOS SVGALIB Riva/Radeon driver which caused a crash after some video mode changes at runtime.
  • The C 68000 emulator is now used as default. You can revert back to the assembler version with the --enable-asm-68000 configure switch. A similar --enable-asm-mips3 switch is present for the MIPS3 assembler emulator.
  • The default host configuration directory is now /usr/local/etc if you install in /usr/local.
  • The default documentation directory is now /usr/local/share/doc/advance if you install in /usr/local.
  • The autoconf defines are now stored in a header file and not in the compiler command line.
  • The debugger now always use the new `max' effect. It also forces the video mode to be `rgb' to remove any palette problem.
You can download copies of these from our MAME for Windows and *nix sections!