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Nintendo - 64 Emulators

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Popular Emulators

Name Description
Mupen64 Plus This is a fork of the original Mupen64 emulator that has added many features over the original 0.5 version including fixes like support for 64bit systems, smoother sound and more. There is also a preliminary Windows port by nmn. The project was initially the recently lost NetPlay successor project Mupen64k for Windows, but development is now by a large group of programmers and contributors. NetPlay has not yet been restored, but GameShark cheat code support is one of the additions.

Other Emulators

Name Description
Fake64 Fake64 is a new N64 Emulator for Linux. It is currently in really early stages. It successfully executes 5.5 million opcodes of n64stars. However, as yet no support for audio or video is implemented and the interface is still in the early stages of development.
Mupen64 This is a port of Mupen64 for Linux by it's author. It now runs many games, has a debugger and uses gtk library.
TrueReality Latest version of TrueReality, currently runs Firedemo and Rotate demo almost perfectly and a few other demos with few problems. Commercial roms starting to be tested now, but far from running perfectly... This is really cool, so it's worth the download, no sound yet though. Check the homepage for more info on devkits and such.

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