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Final Fantasy 1 and 2: Mod of Balance

Final Fantasy 1 and 2: Dawn of Souls Hack for GameBoy Advance

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This mod aims to improve the gameplay of both Final Fantasy 1 and Final Fantasy 2. The Final Fantasy 1 mod was originally intended to restore the difficulty of this GBA version of the game to the difficulty of the original NES version, so it can be enjoyed with all of the modern trappings of the GBA version. Version 2.0 was a step beyond the previous one, and was intended to provide enhancements to the gameplay and address user critcisms of version 1.2. The current version (v2.1) is mostly a bugfix version. This patch also represents the pilot release of Final Fantasy 2 GBA: Mod of Balance. The ambition behind this mod is simple: “unbreak” the character development mechanics. The GBA version already fixed the select-action-cancel-action-and-gain-skill-ad-nauseam bug, but still required players to grind in all the wrong ways. Unlimited actions should increase slower than actions that are limited by mana or resources. I hope I have succeeded in making Final Fantasy 2 play much more smoothly. Secondarily, weapons were much too underpowered in the endgame as enemy defense rendered them mostly useless versus spells. Warrior-heavy and magic-heavy party builds should have the potential to be equally successful. As putting a full changelog here would make for a needlessly long entry, you can read the readme (link above), or view a comprehensive changelog with screenshots at http://jeffludwig.com/finalfantasy/download.php#v2.1-changes.

Author: ludmeister

Author's website: http://www.jeffludwig.com/finalfantasy/

Name Description Filesize
Patch file Version 2.1, released March 16, 2012. 29.41 KB

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