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Cool iPod nano 3rd generation mystrerious problem???


i have an 8 gig 3rd generation iPod nano, and it doesn't turn on. when i plug it into my computer nothing happens, but after a few seconds it makes a soft clicking sound every two or so seconds. nothing appears on the screen and nothing else happens, just the clicking. i've never heard of anything like this happening before and i can't seem to find anything online about it. please if you know anything about this problem give me some advice.
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Did you reset it?

Did you try letting the battery completely drain and then plug it in and reset it? Apparently iPods can sometimes be complete assholes and won't reset properly until they've been forced to the brink of death. I believe this is a trait they share with the sort of people who purchase Apple products.

If that fails, it's time to buy a new mp3 player. I recommend picking one up that doesn't have multiple documented instances of catching on fire.

You should also consider that perhaps your iPod has become haunted by the ghost of one of the many FoxConn employees that committed suicide out of embarrassment over the sort of people that bought they products they were paid $2/week to produce.
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Yes I did it but no result there!!!!!!!!!!

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Same device - what do you guys think is wrong with it if my computer is not reading it? We have 2 laptops at home and neither of them is reading it. Ideas, anyone?
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